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    bp - Glass Garage Doors


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    Doors up to 24ft wide x 16ft tall max.

    bp is the only NFRC CERTIFIED "Fully Insulated" Doors
    in the industry, "FRAME & GLASS COMBINED" (Pat.)
    Which meets the IECC Energy Code. * Others Falsely
    advertise IG "Center of Glass" only, but fail to mention
    their products LEAK AIR, water, and are NOT Certified!





    To learn more about Air & Water Infiltration and Building Code/
    Energy Code Compliance
    , please go to our downloads page.
    We offer Factory Direct Installations in California, Arizona, Nevada,
    & Florida: Optional in all other States.
    We also Ship Direct to your door, World Wide, & Nationally.

bp Glass Garage Doors offer an attractive alternative for architectural, residential, and Commercial applications. Our models: bp - 350 & bp - 450 HD offer a unique aesthetic appeal, maximum light transmission [without letting anyone see inside your garage] , and durability. If these characteristics are important to your design, bp is your solution!

In Addition to shipping to the entire United States and beyond, we service the following areas consistently:  Northern & Southern California: Beverly Hills/ Brentwood/ Costa Mesa/ Dana Point/ Hermosa Beach/ Hollywood Hills/ Huntington Beach/ Irvine/ Laguna Beach/ Long Beach/ Los Angeles/ Malibu/ Manhatten Beach/ Marina Del Rey/ Napa/ Newport Beach/ Pacific Palisades/ Palm Springs/ Pasadena/ Pismo Beach/ Rancho Mirage/ Rancho Palos Verdes/ Redando Beach/ San Diego/ San Francisco/ Santa Ana/ Santa Barbara/ Santa Monica/ Solana Beach/ Temecula/ Van Nuys/ Venice Beach   Florida: Boca Raton/ Coral Gables/ Fort Laurderdale/ Jacksonville/ Key West/ Miami Beach/ Orlando/ Sarasota/ Tampa/ West Palm Beach

Not All Glass Garage Doors are the same

Why is bp the architects' choice?

Not all glass garage doors are made the same, or made equal.  They claim to be, but in fact, most are made of cheaper components, and thinner structural walls, to lower the overall cost.  In most cases, this will result in costly repairs down the road.  For this reason, we offer a Factory Direct Warranty, based on our premium components, and heavy duty wall thicknesses.  Our goal is to help educate everyone on energy conservation, and separate false advertising from fact.  Fenestration products must be certified as a complete assembly in order to pass building inspection, and actually meet building code. Other companies will send customers a letter on their letterhead stating that they are NFRC certified.  The only way to be NFRC certified is to go through the certification process with a certified testing lab.  Once that process is completed, the NFRC will issue a C.P.D Number which must be displayed on the NFRC.org website, to provide evidence for building inspectors.  bp - Glass Garage Doors is the ONLY company that has been NFRC certified for the complete glass garage door to insure that our Glass Garage Doors do not leak air or water, and will meet building inspection and comply with the energy code.

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