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BP Glass Garage Doors

bp Glass Garage Doors offer an attractive alternative for architectural, residential, and Commercial applications. Our models: BP- 350 & BP- 450 HD offer a unique aesthetic appeal, maximum light transmission [without letting anyone see inside your garage] , and durability. If these characteristics are important to your design, bp is your solution!

There are several bp Glass Garage Door models to choose from:

Architects and Contractors
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The bp Difference

Not all Glass Garage Doors are created equal. Find out the bp difference today and see why they are the Architects Choice.

Manufacturing for Worldwide Shipping

Worldwide shipping is available and factory direct installation is available in California, Arizona, Nevada, Florida, and is optional in all other states and worldwide.

bp Glass Garage Doors Company Advantages

bp Glass Garage Doors provides manufacturing for shipment across the entire USA and world.
We also provide factory direct installation in: CA, AZ, NV, FL & optional in all other states.
We start working with our clients at the design phase to ensure they have all the necessary installation requirements and drawings for each application.
1/8″ to 1/4″ special order glass, 1/16″ – 1/4″solid aluminum panels, concealed auxiliary stiffening struts, security bars, architectural weather stripping, custom aluminum cladding (at perimeter jambs and header), tapered top and bottom sections (for use when floor or header is out of square), custom panel locations within the sections, a variety of powder coated colors, track types and Lift Master electric operators. With all these available choices, we can build a completely custom product to fit your requirements.
By strictly focusing on all-glass sectional garage doors, our manufacturing time is the best in the industry
bp Glass Garage Doors has been manufacturing and installing custom glass sectional overhead garage doors
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bp all glass garage doors are constructed from bp extruded aluminum alloy frames (PAT. PEND) of superior strength and durability. The tensile strength is a minimum of 38 ksi, and approximately double the strength of standard aluminum alloy (used by other glass door manufacturers). They are designed and installed to operate year after year under extremely harsh conditions, requiring very low maintenance.

Glass Garage Door Lines

California Line

The California line is primarily used for garage areas in all climates. An optional NFRC Certified Air Leakage Resistance Package is available, for an airtight wall opening where building code compliance for energy efficiency, is required. bp manufactures and installs full-vision aluminum and glass sectional overhead doors

Hurricane Line/Miami Dade

bp – Glass Garage Doors meet hurricane requirements for wind load, impact, and cycling in accordance with Miami-Dade County Test Protocols TAS 201, TAS 202, and TAS 203. bp – Glass Garage Doors have been successfully tested, have passed, and been issued the Miami-Dade County, Florida, Notice Of Acceptance (NOA) 12-0124.03 Exp. 01/13/2016, 12-0620.15 Exp. 1/17/2018, and Florida Building Code Product Approval FL13380. bp – Glass Garage Doors are engineered to be impact resistant and provide high structural performance.

Insulated Line

bp – Insulated Line glazing consists of 1/2″ Argon filled insulated glass units. Each glass panel is sealed in place during fabrication. The insulated glass panels are available in transparent or obscured, with low-E glass, and in a variety of colors to suit your design. Every glass type has a unique set of energy rating factors. The U-factor, SHGC, and VT factors vary and are determined by the type of glass you specify. (Keep in mind that insulated glass units are ineffective if the frame leaks air).

Entry Doors

bp Glass Entry doors are the perfect complement to our bp Glass garage doors. They are crafted of the same high quality aluminum and rail sizes as our garage doors.

Entry Gates

Entry gates also complement bp Glass garage doors very well. These gates in conjunction with the doors ensures a seamless look and are manufactured individually for a perfect fit.

Driveway Gates

When a visitor enters your home the first thing they are exposed to is your driveway. bp Driveway Gates not only provide excellent curb appeal but are made 100% in America and come with the bp Lifetime Warranty.

Our Doors Are Complaint With:

  • Glass Garage Door Title 24
  • Glass Garage Door Title Miami Dade NOA rated
  • Glass Garage Door Hurricane rated
  • Glass Garage Door Insulated
  • Glass Garage Door NFRC 100 and 400 Rated or Certified
  • Glass Garage Door ASTM E283
  • Glass Garage Door Building Code Compliant
  • Glass Garage Door ANSI / DASMA 105

    Glass Entry Doors

    In an age when people are passionate about unique applications and architecture, – entry systems stand out for their modern and distinctive style. We are continually exploring new ideas, materials, and ways of integrating our products into everyday designs. Our contemporary glass doors evoke the sensibility of enriched modernism with its clean lines and ergonomic principles. Neighbors, passersby and paperboys will stop, stare, and be astonished.

    Glass Entry Doors & Side Gates are the perfect compliment to our -Glass Garage Doors. They are crafted of the same high quality aluminum and rail sizes as our garage doors. This ensures a seamless look from one product to the other.

    Title 24 Compliant | NRFC Certified | LEED | Wind-Impact-NOA Rated | Insulated Frames & Panels