Glass Garage Doors
“The Architect’s Choice”

bp Advantages
(Our Door)
Competitors’ Disadvantage
(Competitor Door)
  • bp – Aluminum Alloy: High tensile strength at 38 ksi and double the rigidity of standard alloy.
  • Standard (6063) Aluminum Alloy: Much weaker and 1/2 the tensile strength of BP – Aluminum Alloy.
  • Narrow Intermediate Mullions: Cleaner architectural lines, showing more glass and less structure.
  • Wide Intermediate Mullions: Shows less glass, more frame, and is visually less appealing (See above, marked by arrows).
  • Heavier Wall Thickness: Allows for more weight and wider glass panels, with little to no deflection. (Ex. Our door has 250 lbs of aluminum vs. a competitor’s 100 lbs.
  • Thinner Wall Thickness: Causes major vertical and horizontal deflection, which requires unsightly struts that can be seen through the glass.
  • Factory Direct Manufacturing Speed: By strictly focusing on Glass Garage Doors and Entry Doors, our manufacturing time is the best in the industry.
  • Not Factory Direct: Orders are placed through a distributor, and can take 6-10 weeks.
  • Factory Direct Installation (CA, AZ, NV, FL & Optional in all other states): A factory specified installation produces a smoother and longer lasting garage door.
  • Not Factory Installation: An installer other than the factory may not have the expertise or take the time needed to meet a factory specified installation.
  • Customization: Our customers can request specific panel sizes, quantities, height of each section, tapered bottom / top sections, and reveal of frame around the door.
  • Limited Customization: Our competitors are not set up to accommodate customers’ special requests.
  • Complementing Entry Doors: We can manufacture Entry Doors and Side Gates with single or multiple glass panels to match your Glass Garage Door. Custom Lock hardware can also be acommodated.
  • No Complementing Entry Doors: Our competitors are not set up to accommodate customers’ special requests.
  • Stainless Steel 11-gauge Hinges: Laser cut, heavy duty hinges for an extra clean Architectural finish.
  • Standard Mild Steel Hinges: Thinner 14 to 18 gauge galvanized hinges are weaker, may break under typical glass weights, and require constant lubrication.
  • Stainless Steel Rollers: Heavy Duty, sealed, water resistant rollers of 500lb load capacity each, with no lubrication required.
  • Standard Metal or Nylon Rollers: 50lb. load capacity each, non sealed, and require constant lubrication.
  • Zinc Plated or Stainless Steel Springs: Rust resistant and do not require lubrication.
  • Standard Springs: Raw oil tempered springs rust and require constant lubrication.
  • Concealed Stiffening Struts: Stronger, lighter, and are hidden as part of the door rail, which won’t be seen from the outside.
  • Standard Metal Struts: Weak, heavy, surface mounted, and can be seen through glass. (See above, marked by arrows).
  • Custom Glass and Frame Colors: Over 200 types of custom glass, powder coated colors, and panels to choose from.
  • Limited Glass and Color Options: A few standard glazing types and color options.
  • Architectural Weather Stripping: Made from 3 part extruded aluminum, commercial Santoprene, and installed with concealed fasteners.
  • Typical Residential Weather Stripping: Made entirely of poor quality vinyl with exposed nails which rust.
  • Custom Tapered Sections: Top and/or bottom sections/panels for out of square driveways and openings. (See picture gallery)
  • Standard Rectangular Sections: May otherwise leave large gaps at the floor and header.
  • Commercial Duty Hardware: High capacity, long lasting, with minimum lubrication or service required.
  • Standard Residential Hardware: Low capacity , which wears out quickly; requiring constant lubrication, and costly service calls.
  • Extremely Quiet Operation: Due to the use of premium components, noise-causing friction is dramaticaly reduced.
  • Typical Noisy Operation: Attributed to cheap components, and out of square track; which cause friction and costly repairs.
  • What Makes bp The Best Glass Door: In addition to the reasons above, proprietary fabrication methods and classified materials have been incorporated to produce our highly regarded glass doors.
  • Why Others Can’t Compare: Manufacturers that mass-produce a wide variety of other types of doors are catering to a less discriminating market. In most cases, quality is compromised for quantity.
You get what you pay for! Quality engineered and tested designs for over 55 years in business!The bp Experience : Purchasing a sectional garage door from us is just a lot simpler. We manufacture, install, and warranty our own product.