A hurricane impact glass garage door by bp Glass Garage Doors

A hurricane impact glass garage door by bp Glass Garage Doors

If you love the look of glass garage doors but are concerned with the energy conservation in your home, bp’s line of insulated glass garage doors will provide you with the perfect way to incorporate the design you want worry-free.  When temperatures hit those extreme levels, it’s easy for your energy bills to also skyrocket, and one of the best ways to help keep those bills down is to ensure that your home is insulated for maximum energy conservation.  Our unique line uses argon-filled panels, made from Low-E glass, that are sealed at the time of fabrication to guarantee maximum conservation and efficiency.  If you live in harsher climates, or are simply an energy-conscious individual, you no longer have to make the choice between what look you want and what your home needs; with bp’s insulated glass garage doors, you can have both.

bp Glass Garage Doors – Insulated Line

Choosing from our line of insulated glass garage doors doesn’t mean that you’ll be cheating yourself on stylistic choices, either.  Our trademark customization is available throughout all our different lines and products.  Insulated panels are available in a selection of colors to match whatever color scheme you’ve already established or to match with existing window designs.  You can also choose between transparent or obscured panels for variable opacity to suit your wants.  That means that if you want the high visibility and added natural light that an all-glass door gives, without creating a break in the barrier against the elements, bp’s Insulated Glass Garage Doors are exactly what you’re looking for.  And if you want an insulated glass door for your home, home extension, or for commercial use instead, we have the sizing options to fit your specific need.

Glass Garage Doors have always been a great choice for trying to boost both the curb appeal and value of your home, and bp’s insulated line makes it more convenient than ever to make that choice for your own location.  No longer will the climate you live in dictate your designs, you don’t have to be limited by excessively hot or cold weather any longer.  We are continually expanding and innovating our lines to make sure that we cater to all types of specific needs, and our insulated line is just one example of our success.  So for whatever remodeling or construction job you’re working on, bp is the Architect’s Choice for Insulated Glass Garage Doors.

insulated glass garage door

Are All Glass Garage Door Manufacturers Insulated?

Unfortunately, most brands of glass doors are NOT insulated.  And simply because a glass door is weather-sealed does not mean it is air/water tight, or that it meets energy efficiency standards.   The process for manufacturing and installing insulated glass paneling is technically complex and requires a high amount of expertise in Low-E glass and other materials used.  Additionally, unless the panels are sealed in place at the time of fabrication, there is still no guarantee it is dependably insulated against the elements.  All fenestration products (Doors and windows) should be laboratory tested for air infiltration, water infiltration, and U-values, then given a testing result that meets the local code.  The only glass garage door company that meets these standards, is also factory-direct, and ships worldwide, is BP Glass Garage Doors & Entryway Systems, Inc.

What To Look For In An Insulated Glass Garage Door

In fact, it is not uncommon to hear horror stories of individuals who have installed the Regular glass sectional doors in a living space, thinking it is all the same. This lack of education can cause serious damage if the correct product is not installed from the get go. Ex)  water leaking onto hardwood floors making them buckle, and cold or hot air escaping around the door. Before choosing an insulated glass garage door, it is important to look for a pre-labeled product which shows an NFRC sticker; which shows the air infiltration rating, water rating, and U-Value rating for energy compliance. It’s the same type of sticker or plaque found on a fire rated door.  BP – Glass Garage Doors has a Patent on that technology, and no other door manufacturer has it.